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YOUR wedding can be anything YOU want. 
After all, it's YOUR day.


Will it be cake or pie...or both?  There is something special about a beautiful wedding cake on your memorable day.  But what if you aren't a big "cake person"?  Shake things up with a beautiful pie made with the design and flavor you want!  

When I started Hooray for Pie I set out to open people's eyes to the allure of a fresh baked, all natural, beautifully decorated pie.  I was enthusiastically welcomed by the community and was so thrilled to be able to bake for my clients' special celebrations as well as "just because" they wanted to eat some delicious pies.    The more I baked the more my clients encouraged me to expand my business.  I was given the opportunity to bake cakes and pies for some weddings.  I loved it!  I loved working with the happy couples.  I loved being able to share the joy and excitement for their wedding.  I loved the environment of the venue when I went to set up on the wedding day.  But most importantly, I loved hearing from the newlywed couples about how they loved their cake/pie and all their guests did too.  

Some of my clients have had a wedding cake for the centerpiece and cake cutting pictures and some have chosen to forgo the cake and have a centerpiece pie for pie cutting pictures.  In addition they selected delicious mini pies for them and their guests to enjoy.   The style and flavor possibilities are endless!
I will work with each wedding couple to make their pies, cakes and dessert bars personal and special.  Hooray for Pie is a small, family owned business.  I take complete pride in offering one on one service.  I give each client the true time and attention they deserve.   Your wedding is a truly unforgettable day and I want to make sure you look back, many blissful years later, and remember how awesome your experience was with Hooray for Pie!

Contact me today!  We will work together to make your special day even more special!   


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